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Discover Innotox 100 Units – The Epitome of Aesthetic Precision and Elegance

Discover Innotox 100 Units – The Epitome of Aesthetic Precision and Elegance

Explore the forefront of botulinum excellence with Innotox 100 Units, an innovative creation by Medytox Inc. This guide unravels the unique features, improved formula, and the unparalleled advantages that make Innotox a revolutionary choice for aesthetic treatments.

Section 1: Innotox Advantages

1.1 The Liquid Revolution: Innotox redefines convenience with its liquid phase:

  • No need for dilution; one bottle contains a ready-to-use solution for 25, 50, or 100 units
  • Streamlined application process for efficient treatments

1.2 Protein-Free Formula: Innotox boasts an advanced composition:

  • Excludes proteins, albumin, and gelatin, setting it apart from other botulinum toxins
  • Minimizes the risk of adverse reactions for enhanced safety

1.3 Temperature Insensitivity: Innotox stands resilient against temperature fluctuations:

  • Unlike solid phase formulations, it remains unaffected by varying temperature conditions
  • Ensures stability and reliability in diverse climates

1.4 Superior Diffusion Control: Innotox takes the lead in diffusion control:

  • Exhibits the lowest diffusion rate among existing botulinum toxins
  • Precision in targeting for optimal aesthetic outcomes

1.5 Extended Effect Duration: Experience lasting results with Innotox:

  • Effects extend up to 10 months, surpassing the typical 6-month duration of other botulinum toxins
  • Prolonged aesthetic enhancements for patient satisfaction

Section 2: Indications for Innotox

2.1 Versatility in Aesthetic Applications: Innotox caters to a range of indications:

  • Eyelid spasm, half-face contraction, and cervical dystonia
  • Focal spasticity of the wrist and hand in post-stroke patients
  • Paralytic strabismus and local muscle spasm in cerebral palsy
  • Meticulous correction of mimic wrinkles

Section 3: Procuring Innotox – Your Direct Source from Korea

3.1 Seamless Wholesale Experience: Trust Korea Company as your wholesale dealer for Innotox:

  • Direct, fast shipping from the manufacturer in South Korea
  • A comprehensive range of popular dermal fillers, Botox, lipolysis, PDRN, and other beauty injections
  • Contact via WhatsApp, Instagram DM, Facebook messages, or our website's contact form for prompt assistance


Innotox 100 Units is not just a botulinum toxin; it's a revelation in aesthetic treatments. With its liquid innovation, protein-free formula, and unmatched benefits, Innotox stands as a symbol of excellence. Experience prolonged effects, precise diffusion, and a formulation that sets it apart. Elevate aesthetics with Innotox – where innovation meets superiority.

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