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Olidia® - A Revolutionary Injectable Poly L-Lactic Acid Powder for Natural Volume Enhancement

Olidia® - A Revolutionary Injectable Poly L-Lactic Acid Powder for Natural Volume Enhancement

Introducing Olidia®, an avant-garde in the realm of injectable Poly L-Lactic Acid powder. This CE and Korean MFDS approved biodegradable dermal filler redefine safe and natural volume enhancement. Join us as we unveil the science and artistry behind Olidia®.

Section 1: The Science Behind Olidia®

1.1 Product Overview: Olidia® stands out as a biodegradable dermal filler, comprising Poly L-Lactic Acid powder, an ingredient approved by the U.S. FDA. This biocompatible substance is safe for the human body, initiating collagen generation upon injection. The result? A natural boost in facial volume, giving your skin a replenished and youthful appearance.

1.2 Particle Size Matters: The PLLA microparticles, measuring between 40 and 63 ㎛ in diameter, strike the perfect balance. Large enough to evade phagocytosis and capillary walls, yet small enough for fine needle injection down to 26 gauge.

1.3 Compound Amount and Device Classification: Each vial contains 365mg of Olidia®, falling under the device classification of Graft/Prosthesis (Classification No. B04230.02 / Class 4).

Section 2: How to Use Olidia®

2.1 Proper Guidelines: Before Olidia® treatment, adhere to the correct guidelines. Ensure proper dilution of the solution.

2.2 Linear Threading Technique: Optimal results are achieved through the linear threading technique, enhancing precision and efficacy during the treatment.

Section 3: Storage and Safety Measures

3.1 Storage Conditions: Store Olidia® at room temperature below 30℃. Strictly forbid freezing to maintain its efficacy.

3.2 Safe PLLA Filler: Backed by CE approval, Olidia® stands as a testament to its safety and adherence to rigorous quality standards.


Embark on a journey towards safe and natural volume restoration with Olidia®. This revolutionary injectable Poly L-Lactic Acid powder, with its verified certificates and meticulous guidelines, promises a rejuvenated and naturally volumized appearance

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